Yokogawa PR300 Power And Energy Meter


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The Yokogawa PR300 power and energy meter has the versatility to support a wide range of phases and wire systems, from a single-phase two-wire system to a three-phase four-wire system. The phase and/or wire system, including CT/VT ratios, can be selected or changed on site using the panel keys. For panel mounting, the Yokogawa PR300 power and energy meter supports various standards with different shapes and sizes.

The Yokogawa PR300 power and energy meter comes complete with functions necessary for efficient power monitoring, including power integration over a desired period, a transducer function (4 to 20 mA DC output), an integrated pulse output of electric energy, demand current/power alarm output functions, RS-485 communication (Modbus/PC link), and Ethernet communication.

The Yokogawa PR300 power and energy meter features a large triple display and multimeter function, which make it possible to combine three desired measurement items and show them all at once on the large LED display. Just one Yokogawa PR300 power and energy meter can take the place of two or more meters, dramatically contributing to savings in cost, space, and wiring.


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