Yokogawa CW120/CW121 Clamp-On Power Meter


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The Yokogawa CW120/CW121 power meter has an instantaneous value filing function (enabling multiple data records to be saved in a single file when multiple measurements are taken) which is useful for determining equipment operating conditions. There is a wiring error check function which helps ensure that measurement operations are correct. Multiple CW120 Series units can start and stop integration simultaneously through externally controlled I/O. The Yokogawa CW120/CW121 power meter works even with small electric energy values. The decimal position (number of digits following the decimal point) and the display unit (Wh, kwh,MWh, GWh) are featured on the electric energy display.

The setting software allows you to set the Yokogawa CW120/CW121 power meter’s measurement conditions through a PC and save measurement data on a PC when the unit is connected to the PC through an RS-232 or RS-485 port. The Yokogawa CW120/CW121 power meter, in addition to proprietary communication, also supports MODBUS, PC-link, and Power Monitor protocols. PC-link is a protocol for Yokogawa’s temperature controllers and PLCs.


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