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Overview for the Topcon GPT 3502 LNW 2 Second Reflectorless Total Station

The Topcon GPT 3502 LNW Reflectorless Total Station with 2 arc second accuracy enables measuring distances up to 6,560 feet without a prism. By incorporating Topcon’s advanced time-of-flight pulse technology, this surveying equipment uses an algorithm that filters signal noise to provide high precision measurements, even on dark and wet surfaces. This total station has a laser pointer for quick indoor measurements and guide lights that provide the rod man with direction to approximately find the horizontal line.

With built-in Bluetooth, the GPT-3500 LNW series easily connects to a Topcon handheld field controller, such as the FC-5000, FC-236, FC-2600, Tesla and more. Transferring data is also convenient with the integrated RS-232C Hirose connector and 24,000-point internal memory. This reflectorless total station features TopField and Road onboard software that greatly enhances efficiency in topo data collection, construction layout, and stakeout applications.

The Topcon GPT-3502 has LCD screens on both sides, allowing construction professionals to read the display or press the required keys without having to turn the instrument. For quick inputting of point numbers, codes, attributes, and other necessary data, it features a 24-key alphanumeric keyboard with four-function keys. This Topcon reflectorless total station is protected against dust and heavy rain, and works up to nine hours using the included rechargeable battery. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


Features for the Topcon GPT 3502 LNW 2 Second Reflectorless Total Station

  • 2-second accuracy
  • Range of 6,560 feet
  • Built-in wireless Bluetooth
  • 24,000-point internal memory
  • Class 1 safe pulse laser EDM
  • Dual axis compensation
  • Laser pointer and optical plummet
  • Guide lights red LED
  • Horizontal and vertical locking tangents
  • On-board TopField survey software
  • RS-232 Hirose connector
  • Dual graphic LCD
  • 24-key keyboard, with alphanumeric input and 4-function keys
  • 9-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-66


Specifications for the Topcon GPT 3502 LNW 2 Second Reflectorless Total Station

Weight 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)
Warranty 2-year
Protection Class IP66 (dust proof and powerful water jets and heavy seas resistant)
Tripod Thread 5/8 x 11 in.
Internal Memory 24,000 points
Software On-board
Guide Light Red LED
Angle Measurement
Minimum Reading 0.5-second/1 second
Accuracy 2-second
Distance Measurement
Unit of Measure (distance display) m/ft/in.
EDM Accuracy (Precision) ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) for prism; ±(10mm + 10ppm x D) for long reflectorless
Minimum Reading 2,000 m (6,560 ft)
Power Source ± 3
Battery Life Dual axis liquid
Optical Plummet
Image Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Magnification 9 hours
Field of View yes
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1 degree 30 arcmin
Resolving Power 3 arcsec
Reflectorless yes
Display and Keypad
Type Graphic LCD
Sides Dual
Keys Alphanumeric
Operating -4Fº~122ºF (-20ºC~50ºC)
Surveying and Construction yes
Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
Utilities yes
Environment Studies yes
Geomarking yes
Archaeology yes
Accident Reconstruction yes
Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
Single Prism 3,000 m (9,840 ft)
No Prism 2,000 m (6,560 ft)
Coordinate Measurement Point yes
Angle and Distance Stake Out yes
Stake Out Line yes
Offsets yes
Missing Line yes
Remote Elevation yes
Resection yes
Area Calculation yes
Laser Pointer
Class Class 1 (for distance measurement); Class 2 (Laser Pointer on)
Bluetooth Class 2
Pin Port RS-232C


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