Testo 882 Thermal Imager Kit


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The thermal imagers from Testo with integrated digital camera automatically store an infrared and a real image simultaneously. With the professional image overlay Testo TwinPix, these two images can be superimposed over each other. The information from the thermal image and the real image are then displayed together in one image. By setting marking points which correspond in the infrared and the real image, the images are overlaid exactly. Even scenes with measurement objects at different distances can be blended without a problem, and shown simultaneously in one image. During the analysis, the image overlay helps orientation in the image and in the exact localization of the damaged area. Setting the transparency level regulates the intensity of the infrared or the real image component in the overlay. Critical temperature ranges can be marked by inserting infrared limit values and the infrared range. Even in the real image, problem areas can be directly emphasized, and the temperature status of the measurement object displayed.

Testo 882 thermal imager kits ship complete with:

– Hard shell case
– IRSoft PC software
– 2GB SD card
– USB cable
– Battery charger
– Li-ion rechargeable battery
– Tri-pod adapter


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