Radarteam Cobra Penta Ground Penetrating Radar


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Just like X-ray and ultrasound can image the inside of your body, the Cobra Locator GPR can be used to image the inside of different materials and structures.

The popular GPR unit from Radarteam has been upgraded to include a new patent pending CBD Penta Frequency Antenna which has frequencies ranging from 300 to 700 MHz which allows the user to see further below the ground with no dead zones or blind spots data due to the blended frequencies.

Able to collect data from hundreds and thousands of pulse reflections each second it is proving invaluable to researchers identifying objects below ground.

The Cobra Penta Wireless GPR mixed or blend mode combines high resolution near surface data with deep target data in one singe view. With this method both channels are combined in one single data file using the full bandwidth.

GPR/Antenna system with rugged PC and cart
Fully integrated multi-frequency system
Multiple applications – 0-10 m depth range
Real-time working with 2x depth range and channel options
No additional survey needed
Best penetration and data quality in head-to-head tests


Infrastructure & Utility Mapping
Inspect internal structures and identify voids, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, railways and drains, and locate different types of material such as plastic, concrete, clay and metal pipes.
Map concrete before drilling, cutting or coring. Detect obstacles in front of directional drilling operations.

Military and Security
Locate tunnels, bunkers, hidden weapons and drugs. Find land mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO).
Through wall imaging.

Rescue Operations
Locate trapped victims under collapsed buildings and landslides.

Locate hazardous waste, UST-location.
Delineation of contaminant plumes and product spills.
Map shallow lakes and rivers.

Snow & Ice
Complete airborne mapping of snow and ice thickness, which allows for the findings of buried items.
Find crevasses and avalanche victims.
Profile ice roads in detail.
Glaciology research.

Agricultural and Forestry
Locate agricultural and golf-green drainage tiles.
Determine soil water content and conductivity.
Map tree roots and rot in wood.

Geology and Mining
Locate gemstones pockets or find kimberlite, lateritic nickel, as well as cracks in bedrock and building stones.
Map internal structures and voids in soil.

Archaeology & Forensics
Pre-excavation mapping of buried structures, foundations, burials and chambers.


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