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Overview for the Northwest Instruments NTS02S Reflectorless Total Station

The Northwest Instrument NTS02S Reflectorless Total Station is the smart, state of the art, 2” device. Its compact but rugged design allows it to be used by surveyors and engineers in a huge range of working environments. With a built-in EDM laser and an enhanced absolute encoder, it’s not only extremely durable but a very accurate device too. The NTS02S uses the enhanced absolute encoder to detect an absolute position, as soon as the device is turned on. This in turn allows the land surveyors to work continuously, without returning to the start point.

The main attraction to this surveying device is its great accuracy and reflectorless capability. With 2-second accuracy and 30x magnification, this survey tool allows you to measure slope distances at up to 984 feet. The NTS02S’s single prism means you also have the option to extend your devices measuring capability, from 984 feet up to a huge 6,500 feet. The rechargeable Li-Ion battery provides up to 24 hours of measuring angles only, but it also allows up to 9 hours of multifuntioning, measuring both distance and angles.

The reflectorless total station is very user friendly, using an alphanumeric keyboard and soft keys you can enter data quickly. It also has illuminated LCD screens on both sides of the total station, meaning you can review the results received from many angles. Though the NTS02S is built with user friendly functions, it also has a surprising environmental rating of IP-55. This allows the device to be exposed to dust and water jets from all angles.


Features for the Northwest Instruments NTS02S Reflectorless Total Station

  • 2-Second accuracy
  • 20,000-point internal memory
  • 984 foot range
  • Laser plummet and pointer
  • Improved absolute encoder for fast and stable measruments
  • Automatic detection and correction of input parameters
  • Transfer files via serial and USB data ports
  • 9-hour battery life
  • Water resistant and dustproof to IP-55
  • Illuminated dual LCD display
  • Alphanumeric keyboard


Specifications for the Northwest Instruments NTS02S Reflectorless Total Station

Weight 14 lbs (6.3 kg)
Dimensions 8.6 in x 7.2 in x 14.1 in (22 cm x 18.4 cm x 36 cm)
Warranty 3-year
Protection Class IP55 (protected against dust and water jets)
Internal Memory 20,000 points
Angle Measurement
Measuring Method/Reading System Absolute encoder
Detection Method Horizontal: double, Vertical: double
Minimum Reading 1-second/5-second/10-second
Accuracy 2-second
Distance Measurement
Unit of Measure (distance display) m/ft
EDM Accuracy (Precision) ±(2mm + 2ppm x D) for prism; ±(5mm + 3ppm x D) for no prism
Minimum Reading 300 m (984 ft)
Tilt Sensor/Compensator
Range ± 3
Type Liquid
Method Electronic Automatic
Power Source Rechargeable Li-ion battery
Battery Life 9 hours
Battery Life Alert yes
Voltage 7.4V DC
Plate/Tubular Bubble Vial 30 seconds per division/(2 mm)
Circular Bubble Vial 8 minutes per division/(2 mm)
Image Erect
Diameter of Objective Lens (Aperture) 1.77 in (45mm) EDM
Magnification 30x
Field of View 1 degree 20 arcmin
Resolving Power 3.5 arcsec
Minimum Focus Distance 1.5 m (4.9 ft)
Sight Distance Precision/Focus Range 6,561 ft
Reflectorless yes
Display and Keypad
Type Dual LCD display
Sides yes
Keys Alphanumeric
Touchscreen no
Backlight yes
Operating -4Fº~122ºF (-20ºC~50ºC)
Surveying and Construction yes
Mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) yes
Utilities yes
Environment Studies yes
Geomarking yes
Archaeology yes
Accident Reconstruction yes
Measurement Range (under fair weather conditions)
Single Prism 2,000 m (6,561 ft.)
No Prism 300 m (984 ft.)
Reflector Sheet 00 m (2,296 ft.)
Coordinate Measurement Point yes
Angle and Distance Stake Out yes
Stake Out Line yes
Offsets yes
Missing Line yes
Remote Elevation yes
Resection yes
Area Calculation yes
Measurement Time
Fine 2 seconds at single mode; 1.2 seconds at continue mode
Rapid 0.5 seconds
Laser Plummet
Accuracy ±0.8 mm/1.5 m
Class Class 2/I EC60825-1
Wavelength 650 nm
Laser Pointer
Class 3R/IIIa
USB Type A
Pin Port 9-pin (RS-232C)


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