Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 Infrared Process Imager


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The Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 process imager is a fixed-mount thermal imager with a USB interface that provides real-time images of temperatures ranging from -20 to 900°C. At a very compact 45x45x62mm, the TIM 160 fits just about anywhere and provide clear images making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 has two standard temperature ranges, -20 to 100°C and 0 to 250°C, as well as an optional third range, 150 to 900°C. The TIM160 has an optical resolution of 160×120 pixels and an impressive thermal sensitivity (NETD) of 0.1 K. The spectral range for the imager is 7.5 to 13µm. The imager is also utilizes interchangeable lenses in 9°FOV, 31°FOV and 64°FOV.

The Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 is a true plug-and-play system. Data streams from the camera to the software via USB 2.0. This process and analysis tool enables the user to capture, record, and monitor real-time thermal process images at 100Hz. The USB 2.0 also provides power to the camera eliminating the need for any external power supply.

The Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 infrared process imager ships complete with imager, carrying case, table tripod, USB cable (1 meter), connector for process interface, PIConnect software and operators manual.

Applications for the Micro-Epsilon TIM 160 process imager:

– R&D electronic
– R&D mechanical components
– Production of solar panels
– Process control extrusion
– Process control calendering
– R&D electronic devices


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