Martel PTC-8010 RTD And Thermocouple Calibrator


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The Martel PTC-8010 calibrates 13 types of RTD and 13 types of thermocouple. The unit is accurate to ±0.4°C for J thermocouple and ±0.3°C for PT 100-385 RTDs; all errors included. Being compatible with such a wide range of devices, you’ll never have to worry about finding a temperature device that cannot be calibrated with the PTC-8010. This is especially true when calibrating “smart” or pulsed RTD transmitters, where many other calibrators fail to work or operate at reduced accuracy specs. The Martel PTC-8010 temperature calibrator handles those applications with ease.

The Martel PTC-8010 RTD and thermocouple calibrator shows test results a high contrast ClearBrite graphic display which features a vivid white backlight that makes the display easy to read in all light conditions. Martel’s easy to learn yet powerful 3 key menu structure provides a highly intuitive yet powerful operator interface. The PTC-8010 includes standard mini plugs for thermocouples and banan plugs for RTDs. The rugged case is NEMA 4 rated. An RS232 serial interface provides communications options.


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