Leica Lino L4P1 Multi Line Laser


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The most powerful multi line laser for leveling, alignment and layout tasks. The 360° rotation base with precise fine adjustment supports easy 90° layouts of whole rooms. The smart Li-Ion power concept allows non-stop working up to 24 hours.

  • 24hr battery life on a single charge
  • Li-Ion exchangeable with Alkaline batteries
  • 360° rotating base for high-speed layouts
  • Easy leveling and aligning
  • Simple 90° layout with bright laser lines
  • Quick plumbing – easy point transfer from floor to ceiling

Powerful & versatile for all interior applications
The Lino L4P1 displays 180° vertical and horizontal lines with 5 layout points.
Only one device is needed for easy levelling and aligning, for simple 90° layouts with bright lines or for quick plumbing.

24hr battery life on a single charge of Li-Ion battery
Innovative Li-Ion power: No interruption of workflow occur through battery charging. Rechargeable Li-Ion is cost saving – no need to constantly exchange alkaline batteries.

Smart Power: Li-Ion is exchangeable with Alkaline
“Always ready to work” – even when your colleague forgets to charge the Li-Ion batteries, you can always exchange easily to standard Alkaline batteries.

360° rotation base for high-speed 90° layouts
The L4P1 can be rotated 360° over a selected point. The precise fine adjustment supports quick targeting of the vertical laser lines for high-speed layouts of whole rooms.

Extended working range
With the Leica RVL 80 receiver the lines can be detected up to 80m.



Leica Lino L4P1 Multi Line Laser
Li-Ion Battery Pack
Charger with different plugs for world-wide use
Alkaline Battery Tray
Target Plate
Hard Case


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