Krohne UFM 3030 Ultrasonic Flow Meter


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Major performance improvements have been achieved by applying innovative electronics in combination with Digital Signal Processing (DSP). This results in stable and reliable measurements. The Krohne UFM 3030 ultrasonic flow meter is therefore more accurate and less sensitive to changes in the flow profile, solids or entrained air.

A new feature of the Krohne UFM 3030 ultrasonic flow meter is the possibility to control batching operations. Optionally, pressure and temperature inputs can be accommodated for the calculation of standardized volumetric flow or mass flow (according to API 2540 or customer specifics).

Naturally, a complete offering of communication protocols and approvals for hazardous areas makes it possible to integrate the meter into existing systems.

Applications for the Krohne UFM 3030 Ultrasonic Flow Meter:

The Krohne UFM 3030 ultrasonic flow meter can be used in a very broad range of applications.

– Metering of low-conductivity liquids, including solvents and raw materials
– Metering of cooling water
– Metering of demineralized water
– Inline flow measurement in pipelines for oil and gas products

How does the Krohne UFM 3030 Ultrasonic Flow Meter operate?

The Krohne UFM 3030 ultrasonic flow meter operates by the transit-time differential method. This measuring principle is based on a simple physical principle. Imagine two canoes crossing a river diagonally, one with the flow and one against the flow. Naturally, the canoe that is traveling with the flow will reach the opposite side sooner than the canoe that is traveling upstream. Acoustic signals behave in a comparable way.

By means of three pairs of patented ultrasonic transducers, the transit times of acoustic signals that travel upstream and downstream are measured. The difference in transit time is proportional to the mean flow velocity and is converted into an output signal and display of volumetric flow rate and total. The measuring beams in the Krohne UFM 3030 ultrasonic flow meter make a three-dimensional cross section of the velocity distribution or flow profile of the medium flowing through the measuring tube. These measuring lines are positioned so that the influence by flow profile (laminar or turbulent) is reduced greatly. Combined with the use of the latest digital processing techniques, the results are stable and reliable flow measurements.


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