Krohne OPTIMASS 2000 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter


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The high performance of the OPTIMASS 2000 also makes it a suitable flow meter for the bulk measurement of petroleum and oil as well as products like syrup, molasses and raw chemicals.

Krohne OPTIMASS 2000 coriolis mass flow meters offer excellent accuracy and repeatability for all measured values. In addition to mass flow and density measurements, the OPTIMASS 2000 also calculates volume, density, and concentration. The OPTIMASS 6000 is compatible with the Krohne MFC 300 or MFC 400 flow converters which can be either meter or remote mounted.

Krohne OPTIMASS 2000 meters are designed to handle tough applications. Tube material is high grade stainless steel . The OPTIMASS 2000 is available with a wide range of options to tailor the meter to the application including a range of flange connections. A number of hazardous area approvals, calibration certificates and custody transfer approvals are available as well.


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