ISTAR 360 Degree Rapid Imaging Panoramic Camera


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iSTAR is a 360 degree imaging system capable of delivering high resolution still images and video. The multiple capabilities and technical features can greatly improve your overall work flow by delivering content data quickly and efficiently.

Multiple applications
iSTAR has been designed to provide rapid 360 degree imaging across a variety of applications in surveying, engineering, law enforcement, public safety, and media.

Typical applications for the iSTAR panoramic camera include 360 degree visual documentation of an environment to give a full immersive view of a scene with all aspects in full context, including linking individual panoramic images together as a ‘virtual tour’ (similar to Google Street View) to enable the viewer to ‘move’ between capture positions. iSTAR images are also used to provide HDR (high dynamic range) colourisation for spherical laser scanning systems such as Faro and Leica. iSTAR can be set to capture in time-lapse or data-stream mode with the the output post-processed into a 360 degree video format. These modes are very useful for capturing a changing environment, such as in a building construction project; or with iSTAR’s small size and weight, for mobile capture applications.

An SDK (software developer’s kit) allows for further integration and enables application developers to control iSTAR’s operations and output for bespoke applications.

Ease of use and zero setup time
The iSTAR 360 degree panoramic camera rugged, lightweight and has a small footprint making it easy to transport and deploy. With zero setup time, iSTAR does not require photographic experience to operate. With one-button capture, it’s fast and easy-to-use either indoors or outdoors.

Fast, accurate and precise
iSTAR has 4 x pre-calibrated sensors delivering a 50MP full spherical accurate image with excellent high dynamic range. iSTAR is fast at capturing images with typical capture times from around 5 seconds. Typically 50 to 60 panoramas can be captured on one battery charge. This can be increased to over 600 when using the optional external battery allowing you to capture throughout the full day.

Processing and stitching the images is also fast. NCTech’s desktop application Immersive Studio, which is supplied with iSTAR, can batch stitch images in seconds. Full 360º data streams can also be processed in a matter of minutes and converted into 360º video.

Seamless integrations
iSTAR deliverables can be seamlessly integrated into your work flow. The deliverables from iSTAR are industry standard compatible and can be used with your existing software.

Models and versions
iSTAR is available in two variants, FUSION and PULSAR‚ iSTAR FUSION is the standard model for static HDR imaging and also has some limited data-streaming capability. A ‘Lite’ version of FUSION is available with limited HDR capability and no data streaming.

PULSAR offers extended capabilities over FUSION including access to the SDK for custom integration and control, 360º data capture at higher streaming frame rates through ethernet for mobile applications and with live preview.

An Infrared (IR) iSTAR PULSAR version is available for capturing both panoramic images and 360º data streams in zero light conditions, with (non-visible) IR scene illumination.


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