Isotech Drago 934 Temperature Calibrator


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Liquid Baths can provide smaller calibration uncertainties than dry blocks and, when used with suitable reference thermometers, accuracies of up to 0.005°C can be achieved. The sensors can be placed directly into the stirred liquid thus avoiding the need for specially drilled blocks. An ideal combination would be to use one of the Isotech TTI temperature indicators and semi standard probe, for example the 935-14-16 Semi Standard.

The Isotech Drago is available in three models.

– The Basic version is a controller only model ideal for instances when the calibration liquid is directly in the block.

– The Site version includes a built-in temperature indicator and can be provided with a reference probe and calibration certificate thus giving a complete traceable solution in a single portable unit. It is also useful for applications using an accessory inside the well, requiring the need to compensate for the varying offset between the controller and the accessory temperature.

– The Advanced version includes an independent three channel temperature indicator allowing test probes to be compared to a reference probe. Calibration temperatures can be stored and programmed in for automatic temperature cycling and data logging.


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