GE Panametrics TransPort PT878 Ultrasonic Flow Meter System


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The TransPort PT878 uses a patented Transit-Time digital signal processing technique greatly increases its signal-to-noise ratio for accurate, drift-free flow measurement in liquids that contain a second phase of entrained solids or gas bubbles. The TransPort flow meter operates in these and other difficult applications where conventional transit-time flow meters fail. The TransPort PT878 flow meter also accurately measures flow rate in perfectly clean liquids containing no “scatterers,” where Doppler-type flowmeters cannot work.

The TransPort PT878 flow meter system is designed to make flow measurement within minutes of opening the box—the TransPort flow meter is that easy to use. Simply input the site parameters, clamp the transducers onto the pipe, adjust the spacing, and you’re under way. No ancillary equipment is needed, and there’s no need to break into the pipeline. An experienced user can make scores of different measurements in a single day.

The system is available with a wide range of transducers with different operating frequencies, materials of construction, operating temperatures and sizes to meet the requirements of rugged industrial environments. To hold clamp-on transducers in contact with the pipe, a variety of clamping fixtures are available to accommodate different pipe and transducer sizes.

The GE Druck TransPort PT878 flow meter system is also available with a number of accessories selected to increase the versatility of the system such as a thickness meter or energy kit. The system contains a USB communication port for PC interface.


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