GE Panametrics PanaFlow Z1G Ultrasonic Flow Meter


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The PanaFlow Z1G is a complete ultrasonic flow metering system specifically designed for the measurement of gases with high levels of impurities. Designed as a well-head meter for coal-seam methane extraction and bio-gas measurement, the Z1G is engineered to the highest levels of reliability and dependability. Designed with an all-cast body and high accuracy machined surfaces, the Z1G has no welds that can adversely impact flow dynamics, making possible high accuracy flow measurements, even at low flow conditions.

The Z1G employs similar transducer technology used in thousands of Flare Applications around the world. Ultra-high power transducers with enhanced sound isolation were designed for conditions of extreme condensate and impurities, assuring continuous operation even under the harshest of process conditions. The PanaFlow Z1G meter body eliminates exposed wires that can catch, or fail due to extreme environmental conditions. This unique design assures the highest field reliability for continuous flow measurements over a wide range of conditions

Applications for the GE Panametrics PanaView Z1G ultrasonic flow meter

– Coal-seam methane wellhead
– Natural gas production
– Vent gases, biogases and waste gases
– Vapor recovery


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