Fluke Calibration 914X Field Metrology Wells (Formerly Hart Scientific)


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These lightweight and small wells are packed with functionality and are remarkably easy to use. The 914X are quick to reach temperature set points, yet they are stable, uniform, and accurate. These industrial temperature loop calibrators are perfect for performing transmitter loop calibrations, comparison calibrations, or simple checks of thermocouple sensors.

Whether you need to calibrate 4 to 20mA transmitters or a simple thermostatic switch, the 914X field metrology well is the right tool for the job. With three models covering the range of –25°C to 660°C, this family of field metrology wells calibrates a wide range of sensor types. The optional process version provides a built-in two-channel thermometer readout that measures PRTs, RTDs, thermocouples, and 4 to 20mA transmitters which includes the 24 V loop supply to power the transmitter.

You’ll find them to be intuitive and easy to use. Each unit is equipped with a large, easy-to-read LCD display, function keys, and menu navigation buttons. Each 914X has a built-in gradient-temperature compensation that adjusts control characteristics to ensure stable performance in unstable environments. In fact, all specifications are guaranteed over the environmental range of 13°C to 33°C. Each 914X offers pre-programmed calibration routines stored in memory for easy recall, and all inputs are easily accessible via the front panel of the instrument.

Additionally, the 914X field metrology wells allow for two types of automated thermostatic switch test procedures – auto or manual setup. Auto setup requires the entry of only the nominal switch temperature. With this entry, the 914X will run a 3-cycle calibration procedure and provide final results for the dead band temperature via the display. If you need to customize the ramp rate or run additional cycles, the manual setup allows you to program and run the procedure exactly how you would like.


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