Fluke 726 Precision Multifunction Process Calibrator


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The Fluke 726 measures and sources almost all process parameters and can calibrate almost anything. Additionally, this Fluke multifunction process calibrator will interpret results without the help of a calculator and stores measurement data for further analysis. Two separate channels allow the Fluke 726 to measure, source and view process signals simultaneously

The Fluke 726 precision multifunction process calibrator measures volts, mA, RTDs, thermocouples, frequency and resistance to test sensors and transmitters. The 726 can also source/simulate volts, mA, thermocouples, RTDs, frequency and pressure to calibrate transmitters. With a pressure pump (sold separately), Fluke 726 calibrators can measure or source pressure using an of the 29 Fluke 700PXX pressure modules. Other features of the Fluke 726 include the ability to perform fast linearity tests with auto step and auto ramp features, as well as powering transmitters during tests using a 24V loop supply and simultaneous mA measurement.

Memory storage for up to 8 calibration results allows the Fluke 726 precision multifunction process calibrator to return stored calibration data from the field for later analysis. The Fluke 726 also features HART mode, which utilizes a 250Ω resistor for compatibility with HART instrumentation.


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