Fluke 1740 Series Three-Phase Power Quality Loggers


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All three 1740 Series loggers feature easy plug and play setup, for immediate use. The current probes are connected to the logger with a single plug. The instrument automatically detects, scales, and powers the probes using line power from the measured voltages. All accessories are individually calibrated and can be shared with multiple Fluke 1740 series loggers. Once it is connected, logging begins with the touch of a single button!

The Fluke 1740 loggers feature double insulated enclosures and accessories to help prevent electrical shock when coming into contact with blanket bus bars, terminals, or cables. They are also designed to meet the stringent safety standards for use in 600 V CAT III and 300 V CAT IV environments.

The Fluke 1745 and Fluke 1744 log over 500 different parameters for each averaging period. This allows you to analyze power quality in detail and to correlate intermittent events, helping to identify the root cause of disturbances. For basic power logging, the Fluke 1743 captures all relevant power parameters.

Fluke 1745 and Fluke 1744 loggers can calculate the limits of current harmonics to predict overload of the grid according to the standards VSE, VEOE, VDN, among others. This powerful predictive maintenance feature enables current harmonics to be observed before a distortion appears in the voltage.

With its easy-to-use interface, the included PQ Log software assists you with logger setup, enables you to verify actual measurement values quickly using the online function, and downloads data from the logger to a connected PC operating on standard Windows® operating systems. You can view the logged data in graphical and tabular form, export it to a spreadsheet, or generate a professional report with the Report Writer function.

The Fluke 1743: IP65 water-proof model for logging the most common power parameters including V, A, W, VA, VAR, PF, energy, flicker, voltage events, and THD.

Fluke 1744: Includes the same features as the Fluke 1743. In addition to common power parameters, the Fluke 1744 also measures voltage and current harmonics, interharmonics, mains signaling, unbalance, and frequency.

Fluke 1745: Advanced IP50 power quality logger with the same measurement capability as the 1744, plus real-time LCD and five hour UPS.

Applications include:

– Disturbance analysis
– Quality of service compliance
– Power quality studies
– Load studies
– Energy and power quality assessment


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