Dynasonics UFX Series Ultrasonic Flow Meter


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The Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter employs a non-invasive, hand-held transducer which is placed on the outside of the pipe. Within seconds, the large 0.7 inch (18 mm) LCD provides stable readings in feet per second or meters per second. The Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter operates on metal or plastic pipes containing liquids with greater than 100 ppm of 100 micron size suspended solids or entrained gases. The Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter measures fluid velocities from 0.3 to 30.0 FPS (0.10 to 9.00 MPS) with a 100:1 turndown ratio.

The easy-to-use Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter provides accurate flow readings on applications such as dredging systems, crude oil, sludges, and waste slurries. Flow verification is provided for many industrial and municipal applications.

Operating Principle

The Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter utilizes an advanced ultrasonic measuring technique, providing accurate, non-invasive, fluid velocity assessments without opening the pipe. Utilizing two piezoelectric crystals contained within one transducer, the Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter transmits ultrasonic energy into the fluid stream and receives reflected energy off discontinuities (suspended particles or entrained gases) within the moving liquid. Transformations that result from the energy reflections are processed and converted to fluid velocity by the Dynasonics UFX ultrasonic flow meter’s sophisticated software algorithm. The processor also controls all operations of the instrument from its ultra-efficient battery management circuitry to a proprietary FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filtration program.


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