Dwyer 1207A Combustion Analyzer


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The Dwyer 1207A Handheld Flue Gas Combustion Analyzer makes adjusting boilers for optimum efficiency quicker and easier. With the large LCD display, users can monitor four parameters simultaneously and change the parameters shown using the rotary dial selection switch. For extra protection, the analyzer comes standard with a protective boot and magnetic back. In order to track the measurements, the 1207A can store up to 255 time stamped test sets in memory and can output measurements to a serial printer.

The 1207A comes preprogrammed for Natural Gas, Light Oil, Propane, Butane, LPG, and Wood Pellets. Along with analyzing combustion measurements, the analyzer can be used as a CO/CO2 indicator, pressure manometer, or thermocouple thermometer.



– O2: 0 to 21%
– CO: 0 to 2000 PPM (4000 PPM Max for 15 minutes)
– CO2: 0 to 30%
– Temperature (Flue and net): 32 to 1112°F (0 to 600°C)
– Efficiency: 0 to 99.9%
– Excess Air: 0 to 250%


– O2: ±0.2%
– CO: ±10 PPM < 100 PPM else ±5% of reading
– CO2: ±0.3% reading
– Temperature (Flue and net): ±2°C ±0.3% reading
– Efficiency: ±1% reading
– Excess Air: ±0.2%.


– O2: 0.1%
– CO: 1 PPM
– CO2: 0.1%
– Temperature (Flue and net): 0.1°F/C
– Efficiency: 0.1%
– Excess Air: 0.1%.

– Pre-Programmed Fuels: Natural Gas, Light Oil, Propane, Butane, LPG, and Wood Pellets.
– 11.8″ (300 mm) x 0.25″ (6 mm) probe with 7.8″ (200 mm) stainless steel shaft.
– 10-foot hose
– CE approved


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