DH-Budenberg CPB5000HP Deadweight Tester


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Capable of generating pressures up to 5000 bar (70,000 psi) with an accuracy of up to 0.02%, the CPB5000HP is fully stand-alone making is useful for high pressure on-site calibrations.

The DH-Budenberg CPB5000HP deadweight tester consists of a hydraulic base and integral piston/cylinder assembly. The piston and cylinder of the CBP5000 are manufactured from hardened steel and tungsten carbide, respectively. This pairing of materials has very low pressure and temperature coefficients of expansion, which results in a very good linearity for the cross-sectional area and a very high accuracy. The overall design of the piston-cylinder unit and the very precise manufacturing of both the piston and the cylinder, ensure exceptionally low friction force, which results in excellent operating characteristics with long free-rotation time and low sink rates. Thus a high long-term stability is ensured. Therefore the recommended recalibration interval is five years depending on the conditions of usage.

Pressure is set on the CPB5000HP deadweight tester via an integrated priming pump which includes a 250 ml tank, so large test volumes can also be easily filled and primed. For fine adjustment, a very precisely-controllable spindle pump is fitted. The excellent quality of the system ensures that this pressure remains stable over several minutes, so that the pressure value for comparative measurements can be read without any problems, or also so that more complex adjustments can be carried out on the item under test.


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