Bacharach ECA 450 Environmental Analyzer


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The Bacharach ECA 450 Environmental Analyzer is ideal for professionals concerned abount combustion efficiency, environmental compliance or both. The ECA 450 allows maintenance engineers and managers, industrial boiler/furnace service technicians, energy coordinators, compliance offi cers, environmental auditors and safety managers to ensure that industrial equipment is burning efficiently while environmental regulations are being met.

The ECA 450 performs accurate emission and combustion tests that will help you meet the environmental regualtiosn and ensure your equipment is burning efficiently. It measures Oxygen, Carbon Monoxide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide, as well as combustibles, temperature and draft. It also calculates combustion efficiency, excess air, carbon dioxide, NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) and pollution units.


– Calculates and displays:
– Combustion efficiency
– Excess air
– CO2
– Built-in printer
– Design lets you add sensors as your needs change
– Eight hour battery life
– Stores 1,000 test records
– Large, easy-to-read data display
– Download test results to PC


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