ASL CER6000 Reference Resistors


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The CER6000 is available in two series: CER6000-RR (reference resistor) and CER6000-RW (standard reference resistor). The RR series of 4-wire reference resistors offer high accuracy and stability at an economic cost. Designed specifically for use as a comparison standard for AC thermometry resistance bridges of the ASL range, the RR series may also be used as transfer standards or as a reference source in temperature calibration or electrical standards laboratories.

The RW series is made from a specially selected alloy having a low temperature coefficient mounted in a strain-free manner on formers made from a material of low dielectric loss but of high mechanical stability. The 4-pin standard reference resistors comply with the highest specification and are suitable for DC or AC use up to frequencies of several kHz.

During their manufacture some resistive elements exhibit characteristics that show that with substantially increased processing time, they will produce standards with stability and temperature coefficients superior to those specified for the normal product. The standard reference resistors that can be produced from these elements are offered as versions “high specification”.


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